Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Pretty in Pink (Cards)

A big thank you to today's guest blogger, Vicky Norris! See some of Vicky's amazing work on her website.

Take it away, Vicky:

The NAN cards that are pink are awarded in the performance division of NAN qualifying shows. Like green and yellow cards, 2 per judge are handed out in each class, 1st and 2nd places.

Performance....the best way to describe what showers do in performance is to think of a snapshot, a moment in time that the shower tries to capture in miniature.

Performance showers try to get as realistic as they can in miniature, down to poop on the butt of a cow if they are working cows....lol

Often showers have to make do with what is available or make it themselves if they can. Tack makers, prop makers and sculptors all try to be as realistic as they can when producing their artwork.

Class lists will vary from region to region but all will have the basic classes.....
English trail
English Pleasure
Western trail
Western Pleasure
At larger shows OF and CM/AR models show in separate divisions, but at the smaller shows they often compete against each other.

Judging: Tack must fit the model and be neat and clean. It must be appropriate for the event. The model must be DOING what the shower says it is doing. I think this is one of the hardest for showers to understand at times.

Documentation is a must for every class but the basic pleasure classes. It is extremely important for unusual or seldom seen performance. It is always necessary for costume classes.

A judge sees the overall first then goes on to look at the details. She must know basic performance rules and be able to translate her knowledge to all of the different breeds that will be shown in performance.

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