Thursday, September 10, 2009

Making Things Easier: Pack as You Show

This one took me forever to figure out, but it's been a lifesaver ever since:

After carefully arranging your ponies on your table, you’d be surprised how quickly that organization can fall apart. Somehow, the same amount of horses will gradually take up more space on your table throughout the day, especially when classes are called quickly and ribbons start to pile up.

The solution? Pack as you go. When a horse has finished his last class and doesn’t need to return to the table for a call back, put him back in his pony pouch, box, or case. This often means you should be virtually ready to go by the end of the show.

The less time it takes you to pack at the end of the show, the better. Packing quickly takes practice. Also, a show holder must stay in the hall until after all of the showers have left. Your show holder will greatly appreciate not having to wait long on their showers.

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