Friday, August 28, 2009

One Horse, One Class

This is one of the most basic and invariable rules at live shows: one horse may only enter one halter class per show. There are no second chances within one show.

For example, let’s say I decide to show a Flash as a Morgan. I put him in his class, but he doesn’t place. The judge then explains to me that she feels Flash is too pony-ish, and she would rather seen him shown as a pony breed such as a Connemara. However, even if the pony class hasn’t come up yet, I cannot show the same model again at the same show. If I would like to show my Flash as a Connemara, I will have to wait for another show.

This rule is in place for fairness. Otherwise, one shower may get multiple chances to show one horse, while others may not.

However, here’s where the big BUT comes in. If the show you are attending as a second “yellow card” division, you get one more chance to show your horse. Again, you may enter your horse in only one class in this division, but you do not have to choose between showing your horse in breed or showing in a yellow card class.

Oh, and here’s another big exception: none of this applies to “pink card” classes, aka performance. For more about yellow, pink, and green cards, please tune in next week when a guest blogger and myself will go into these divisions in more detail. And I mean it this time. My Mid Valley post is still forth coming as I've been caught up in the chaos of a move.

This horse was shown and won in one green card class and one yellow card class:

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