Monday, March 1, 2010

Breyerfest Entries Start Today!

No show fills up as fast as Breyerfest. The entry form says entries are open until June, but if you don't get yours out in the next few days, don't bother. It's already full.

The secret to getting in is shipping by the fastest method you can reasonably afford. Express mail, FedEx, carrier pigeon are fine, but snail mail is probably too slow. I lucked out my first year when I stuck my entry is a stamped envelope and sent it out the day after entries were open. I was entrant 99 out of 100. Today I shipped via Express Mail.

If you want to show more then your 50 allotted models, enter a collector's class even if you don't intend to show in one. This allows you to add 5 extra models to your show string. It's not a bad deal (5 bucks for 5 extra models) *if* you can handle a show string that big. I know people that can, but they are veteran showers.

And always go for the full table. It's a long day and you will appreciate the extra space. Even if you are only bringing a small string (10 traditionals or less) this will give you space to lay down any unstable models. Plus, sharing a table with a stranger...can suck. Don't get me wrong, meeting new model people is half the fun of Breyerfest! However, many showers overestimate the number of horses they can fit on half a table. You may soon find yourself with only a small corner of the table.

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