Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Buddy System

The links I've posted in my last two posts are not only great places to find shows, but great places to find buddies and mentors.

In my opinion, shows are the most fun when you have fun people to hang with. I know new showers often find their first shows socially intimidating. I moved to three different regions in three years and kept feeling like the "new kid at school."

First time showers have reported to me that they felt like established showers were already broken out into "cliques." After my experience, I would argue that we're not cliques in the Mean Girls sense. Many of us travel, carpool, split rooms, and share tables with our showing buddies. But we don't bite! We love new people, especially those that share our obsession.

If you are intimidated by new crowds or just looking for a mentor, check out any of the groups I've linked or your regular model horse-related haunts. You will be surprised how many people are willing to help out new showers.

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  1. Seasoned showers get engrossed in following the swift schedule of putting horses on the tables at the right times, but new showers need to also be aware that after the horses make it to the table, there's plenty of time waiting for the judging to strike up a conversation. Don't be shy about asking questions or make a comment about some one's lovely show string.

    I love this blog, by the way, Lauren. Thanks!


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