Thursday, December 24, 2009

Show Side, Off Side

Short post today in anticipation of the upcoming holiday.

Most model has a show side and an off side. When placing your horse on the table, always place him with his show side facing face the edge of the table.

If you place a model with his off side facing the judge, this will call their attention to the model but not always in a good way. If I see a model placed with his off side out, I wonder if the shower is trying to hide a mark on his show side. I will take an extra moment to investigate.

If you are confused about which side is his show side, view your model from the top. If his head leans to one side, that's his show side. If his head is straight, next check which way his mane and tail lean. Still confused? His farthest forward front leg should be on his show side. If not, check his back leg. Past that, you're fine sticking him on the table either way. He's an exception to the rule.

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